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10 places in Ecuador to visit

Photograph of June 16, 2021, taken from a drone, showing the northern area of ​​the city of Quito (Ecuador).

1. Cubilche Lagoon (Imbabura)
Located next to the Imbabura volcano, you can access the Cubilche lagoon. The quiet lagoon rests in the moors surrounded by Cayambe, the Zuleta Valley, Yahuarcocha and Mojanda. In addition, its circular shape makes it really distinguished.

To get there you must go to the city of Ibarra. Then go to the community of Paniquinrra, where the ascent to the mountain begins. The walk takes about an hour up and one hour down.

2. Spa of the Inca (Mangahúrco, Loja)
The Balneario del Inca is made up of a set of seven natural pools. You can swim and enjoy nature. The site is located in the Mangahúrco parish, approximately two hours from the Zapotillo canton in Loja.

3. Bartolomé Island (Galapagos)
BARTOLOMÉ, Galapagos.- View of the Rock Pinnacle, on the right, one of the icons of the archipelago.
Bartolomé Island is an extinct volcano, one of the many that exist in the Galapagos Islands. Bartolomé has beautiful beaches and a viewpoint from where you can see up to ten islands on a clear day.

To get to Bartolomé Island you must go by boat or cruise from Santiago Island.

4. Isla Santay (Guayas)
Santay Island.
Crossing the Guayas River you will find the exuberant Santay Island, full of vegetation and migratory birds. Its diverse coastal flora and fauna includes mammals, reptiles, and tropical birds.

You can get to Santay Island in two ways, the first is by river taking a boat in Guayaquil and the second is by crossing the Guayaquil-Santay pedestrian bridge.

After the pandemic, in August the walks to the ecological village of Santay Island were reactivated, for $ 6. The tour by boat on the Guayas River departs from the Malecón 2000 dock, located at Tomás Martínez Street, diagonal to the Monument to the Donors. and returns to the pier of the Malecón 2000.

5. Santa Ana Cultural Passage (Cuenca)
The Santa Ana passage is located in the city of Cuenca, next to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. The purpose of this cultural space is to provide spaces for the exhibition and commercialization of art, design and gastronomy products.
Patio of the San Luis Seminary, from where you can see the domes of the cathedral.

6. La Poderosa Waterfall (Zamora Chinchipe)
La Poderosa waterfall. 
This waterfall is located within the Podocarpus National Park. Located in a protected area, with lush vegetation and refreshing natural pools. It is located 7 km from the city of Zamora.

7. Agua Blanca (Machalilla National Park)
Los Frailes Machalilla National Park.
Located within the Machalilla National Park, it is the ideal destination for those interested in nature, history and ancestral knowledge. It is a community dedicated to community tourism and traditional activities.

8. The Arch of Love (Jama)
The Arch of Love is about ten meters high, with a top where vegetation grows.
This peculiar rock formation is located a few kilometers from Jama Beach. It is said that couples who walk under the arch of love will be united forever. It is located 16.5 km from the Jama cantonal head.

9. Olón viewpoint (Santa Elena)
Olón viewpoint.
The Olón viewpoint was built in 1984, more than 100 meters above sea level, and is part of the Ruta del Spondylus. It is located in the province of Santa Elena, specifically in Olón.

10. La Belleza Waterfall (Orellana)
La Belleza waterfall, in the province of Orellana
This is a natural waterfall 4 meters high and 22 meters wide within a biodiverse paradise. It is located in the Orellana canton, in the La Belleza parish. From the Coca-Los Zorros Road, traveling 54 kilometers by paved road, you can reach La Belleza parish by public transport or by car, then a 10-minute walk will reach this tourist area in the Amazon jungle of Ecuador.

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