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OpenNIC Project

Are you looking for an alternative DNS provider that is open and democratic, are you concerned about censorship?

OpenNIC is a great DNS solution that you can depend upon when you give importance to free availability, DNS Neutrality that brings internet as it really is, rescue from censorship that is in action by authorities such as your government. So, by implementing OpenNIC DNS, you will be able to escape from ISP DNS Hijacking and support for new TLDs. Well, if you check out this list, you can understand how widespread is the server infrastructure of OpenNIC DNS and there is an option to find the best DNS server that is near to your location. By doing so, you will be able to choose the corresponding server details and use them for enhanced connection and speed. You just have to visit the website and OpenNIC DNS will tell you the most appropriate DNS server for you.

OpenNIC Public Servers

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