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Detail of the Giant Cerebras Wafer-Scale Cluster

In terms of AI startups, Cerebras has been our front-runner to make it to the next stage for years. Now, it seems to have exited a gaggle of startups scaling its giant wafer scale engine to AI supercomputer scale (for revenue.) At Hot Chips 2023, the company is detailing the new cluster that it plans to use to dwarf what NVIDIA is building.

We are doing this live, so please excuse typos.

Detail of the NVIDIA Dwarfing Cerebras Wafer-Scale Cluster

Cerebras started the presentation with a company update and that AI/ ML models are getting bigger (~40,000x in 5 years.) They also discussed some of the history of ML acceleration.

Process technology has given gains over time.

Architecture gains such as changing calculations from FP32 to bfloat16, INT8, or other formats and techniques have also given huge gains.

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