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Latest Articles

Intel says the metaverse requires a 1000x boost in computing power

If we want the metaverse to be useful, anyway The metaverse. Everyone’s talking about it, major companies are working on the hardware to acc...

BlackCat: A New Rust-based Ransomware Malware Spotted in the Wild

Details have emerged about what's the first Rust-language-based ransomware strain spotted in the wild that has already amassed "som...

Critical RCE Vulnerability Reported in Linux Kernel's TIPC Module

Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed a security flaw in the Linux Kernel's Transparent Inter Process Communication (TIPC) module tha...

Facebook to Shut Down Facial Recognition System and Delete Billions of Records

Facebook's newly-rebranded parent company Meta on Tuesday announced plans to discontinue its decade-old "Face Recognition" sys...

Edward Snowden: ‘If you weaken encryption, people will die’

Snowden has joined a campaign to promote encryption Our online privacy faces growing threats. Governments around the world are calling for e...

Political and business links to Pandora Papers roil parliaments, anti-corruption and tax authorities as global fallout swells

The offshore links of presidents Guillermo Lasso of Ecuador and Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine will be officially scrutinized, while Kenyan ...

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