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VII international conference on science, technology and innovation for society

The International Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation for Society (CITIS) offers the national and international academic community a unified communication platform, aimed at covering the theoretical and practical problems of greater impact in the modern Society through Engineering. Main topics are related to the application of science, technological development and innovation to the industry, environment, information, communications and mobility. Works are accepted in the form of papers and posters.

  1. Contribute to disseminate knowledge, technologies and innovations that have a direct impact on improving the quality of life of citizens (especially the least favored from an economic and social point of view).
  2. Foster the development of a committed, ethical and responsible scientific vision within the universities and entities related to the generation of science and technology.
  3. Contribute to the approach, critical analysis and diffusion of solutions to vital problems of the immediate environment (education, health, environment, industry, communication) through the field of Engineering.
  4. Promote the open, free and transparent dissemination of knowledge with social pertinence
Science, Technology and Innovation for Environmental Sustainability

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Prevention of Pollution
  • Clean Energy Technologies
  • Green and Renewable Energy
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Protection of flora and fauna
  • Industrial Waste Management
  • Water Treatment
  • Bioremediation

Science, Technology and Innovation for Information and Communication

  • Computational Intelligence and Optimization Techniques
  • Software Engineering
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data engineering, data management and data mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Speech Recognition
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • Soft Computing Methods in Engineering
  • Information Security
  • Mobile and Wireless Networking
  • Analog and Digital Communications
  • Antennas and Wave Propagation
  • Bluetooth, Cellular and Mobile Communications
  • Coding and Modulation
  • Communications Systems Security
  • Green Communications
  • Signal Processing
  • Optical networks and systems

Science, Technology and Innovation for the Industry

  • Control systems design
  • Industrial Processes Automation
  • Embedded systems design
  • Smart systems
  • Robotics and automation
  • Mechatronic design
  • Transportation and material handling systems
  • Industrial processes design
  • Production management and optimization
  • Productivity and competitiveness
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Electrical Power Systems, electricity generation, transportation and distribution.
  • Modeling, simulation and optimization of industrial processes.

Science, Technology and Innovation for Mobility

  • Electric and Hybrid Technologies
  • Autonomous / Intelligent Robotic Vehicles
  • Automated Vehicles
  • Eco-driving and Energy-efficient Vehicles
  • Vehicle Control
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Active and Passive Vehicle Safety
  • Human Factors and Human Machine Interaction

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