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Marcus Hutchins denies US charges, says lawyer

A British hacker hailed a hero for shutting down a global cyber attack will remain locked up this weekend after being unable to pay $30,000 bail fees set by an American judge.

Marcus Hutchins, 23, was arrested by the FBI in the first class lounge at Las Vegas Airport on Wednesday as he was about to fly back to the UK. He was charged with creating a malicious malware which steals bank details.

The Devon-born resident, who faces up to 40 years in jail if convicted, pleaded not guilty during his first hearing in court on Friday.

Wearing yellow overalls with the word DETAINEE written on the back, Hutchins was told his bail conditions were set at $30,000 (£23,000). After being unable to pay, the 23-year-old was told he would remain in custody until his next hearing.

As he left the courtroom, Mr Hutchins was ordered to walk with his hands behind his back.  No members of his family were present in court but defence lawyer Adrian Lobo presented the judge with a bundle of letters.

She said they were from friends and relatives showing support for a client who had never been in trouble with the law in the US or the UK.
Pictured: Marcus Hutchins' lawyer Adrian Lobo leaving the courthouse in Las Vegas on Friday
Judge Nancy J Koppe heard arguments from the Assistant U.S. Attorney Dan Cowhig to keep the Brit locked up pending trial.

Cowhig argued that Hutchins was a flight risk with no ties to Las Vegas and was also a danger to the community citing the young Brit tweeted that he went to a shooting range just days before his arrest, which he claimed was a violation of federal law.

He also said Hutchins admitted to authorities that he created the Kronos program. Cowhig also told the court, the Kronos malware is still out there and if let out on bail, he could gain access which could help him derail his the case against him.

Defense Attorney Adrian Lobo told the court Hutchins was not a danger to the community, does not have a criminal record in England or the United States and submitted to the court 12-15 letters from family, friends and people of the community in support of her client.

Judge Koppe questioned why the US Government took more than two years to indict him since his most recent charge against him in July 2015 and also disagreed with the Assistant US Attorney that Hutchins violated a federal law when he went to a gun range.

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