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Marissa Mayer hates Yahoo Mail as much as you do

Marissa Mayer is no longer the CEO of Yahoo, following the company’s acquisition by Verizon. And as such, Mayer is not only a job-free woman, she is also no longer bound to Yahoo’s product portfolio. That’s right, she can use Gmail, and she’s psyched about it. At a conference in London today, Mayer reportedly said she is “looking forward to going back to Gmail” because she’s “always faster when using a tool I designed myself.”

Dang! Shade! Remember, Mayer spent 13 years at Google managing multiple products, including search and Google Doodles. She was employee #20 at the company when she was hired in 1999, right out of Stanford. We’re all happy for you, Marissa. Enjoy Gmail’s suggested responses and labels and stay far, far away from sad Yahoo Mail.

Update 12:34 PM ET: Mayer tweeted that she plans to keep her Yahoo Mail account and credited its team for improving it.

It isn’t clear how she’ll use her email, although we do all need a burner account for random list servs and newsletter sign-ups.

via theverge
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