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HandEnergy: Your Pocket Electricity Generator

Generate clean energy with the power of your body. Charge your gadgets anytime and anywhere.

What is HandEnergy?
HandEnergy is your pocket electricity generator. Everyone knows what low battery means: we are disconnected from the world! And sometimes there’s no way to charge your battery when you urgently need it. Now you can forget about this problem, as you would always have your own generator with you.

Generate your own clean energy with the power of your body; store it, always keep it with you, and charge your devices wherever you are.
Forget about your battery running out. Be independent from the electricity grid and don’t waste your time looking for a socket.

How HandEnergy works?
First, start HandEnergy by winding the starter ring.
Release the starter ring. That will transmit an impulse to the rotor.
Rotate your HandEnergy with your wrist to keep the rotor spinning.

Average speed 5000 RPM. The magnetic rotor transmits mechanical power to the stator and produce an electric current, charging the built-in batteries.
USB Output 5V 1A
What kind of devices can you charge?
Tech Specs

via hand.energy
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