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Ecuador Polls Project Win for Left-Wing Candidate Lenin Moreno in Presidential Race

All latest polls predict a win for the left-wing candidate, who led his conservative rival by over 10 percent in the first round vote.

Ecuador's presidential candidate Lenin Moreno leads five polls against right-wing former banker Guillermo Lasso ahead of the country's decisive presidential run-off vote that will decide whether the country stays on its left-wing path of the past decade or swings toward neoliberalism.

The latest figures by pollsters Perfiles de Opinion, Diagnostico, CMS, Market and Cedatos predict that Moreno and his vice presidential running mate, Jorge Glas of the governing Alianza Pais party, will defeat Lasso in the April 2 election. Lasso and his running mate, Andres Paez, represent the conservative Creo-Suma alliance.

Blasco PeƱaherrera, director of Market, reported that if the vote took place today, Moreno and Glas would win 52.1 percent of valid votes, while Lasso and Paez would reach 47.9 percent. According to PeƱaherrera, the sample was taken from 2,240 people between March 19 and 20.

The director of Perfiles de Opinion, Paulina Recalde, said that according to the latest survey, Moreno is expected to win with 49.37 percent over Lasso's 36.35 percent, with a sample of 2,932 interviews.

Diagnostico places Moreno ahead with 48.73 percent of the votes against Lasso's 37.07 percent.

CMS also predicts Moreno will win, though with a small margin. According to the survey, the former vice president during President Rafael Correa's first term in office will have 35.17 percent against Lasso's 35.01 percent.

Finally, Cedatos, run by Angel Polibio Cordova, was the only pollster to predict a win for Lasso over Moreno until this latest survey. But Cedatos published Tuesday one last survey for the campaign projecting a victory for Moreno with 52.4 percent over 47.6 percent for Lasso.

The latest five surveys are the last opinion polls that will be published before the April 2 election, as the Code of Democracy bars publication of new polls starting 10 days before the elections.

via telesur
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