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Xiaomi Mi Mix Durability Test: Scratch, Burn, and Bend

The Xiaomi Mi MIX is a phone many have been dreaming of; it manages to cram a 6.4" display into a footprint barely larger than the 5.5" Pixel XL's or iPhone 7 Plus's. That's definitely impressive, but what about the strength of such a phone? Given Xiaomi's poor track record against the wrath of Zack from JerryRigEverything and the minimal bezels surrounding the screen, you'd be entirely forgiven for thinking the Mi MIX is a weak device. However, you'd also be quite wrong.

After unboxing and powering on the unique Chinese smartphone, Zack gets right to testing. The screen is about as scratch-resistant as most other Gorilla Glass-equipped devices, but the glossy ceramic back really stood out here. While the similar-looking Jet Black iPhone 7 was scratched by almost anything, the Mi MIX withstood picks better than the screen itself. The rear-mounted fingerprint sensor is also covered with ceramic, which makes it infinitely more durable than scanners like the plastic-covered Galaxy S7's, as are the power and volume buttons. The camera is covered with glass, but the flash is protected by mere plastic.

Following the frankly pointless screen burn test (which the Mi MIX survives with flying colors), Zack goes on to the bend test. Here, the Mi MIX continues the trend it created with its ceramic body; the phone barely budges. Although the back does pop out a bit, it is easily put back into place. The screen appears to have died at first, but turning the screen off and back on fixes the issue.

Overall, the Mi MIX fares incredibly well, considering the nature of its design. Zack hasn't done a drop test, which is arguably more important than all of these tests, but likely will soon.

via androidpolice
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