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FreeNIC - Alternative DNS

The internet belongs to everyone. Unfortunately there are those that would take control and diminish your share and ownership. As more control is taken up by fewer corporate operators you and I will have to become proactive in taking back and keeping what is ours. The creeping practice of excluding personal control has to stop.

This is important because the internet is the most powerful medium of world wide information exchange we've ever seen.
What is particularly significant is that all individuals can participate. Such freedom is not only liberating for political dissidents or people living under repressive regimes, but for all people who want freedom. However, like all freedoms, you can't stop claiming it as your own. The freedom offered by the net has to come from the individuals that make it up.

Your Freedom
The internet started as a much more free and open place than what we're seeing now. Let's take back that non-commercial,  reative, and egalitarian space. FreeNIC is here to give balance and variety to our internet.

Your TLD
Pick a top level domain that doesn't conflict* with those already in place and you're good to go. Use your own name
if you like. There is no registration or intervention of any kind.

Your DNS Server
Setting up a domain name server is a necessity for having a TLD, but it is also a contribution to the community.Even better, using your own server is a great way to be sure your internet experience is not censured or controlled by others.

via FreeNIC
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