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Uber launches UberBike in Amsterdam

Uber is cozying up to cyclists in Amsterdam, a city where there are more bicycles than people, with the launch of UberBike.

UberBike lets cyclists order a car equipped with a bike rack. The idea here is that lots of people cycle, but not everyone wants to ride everywhere they go, whether it’s because they’re tired or because of the weather.

UberBike works like any other Uber service. Users in Amsterdam will be able to see the Uber Bike option next to the usual suspects — Uber Black, UberX, etc. — and choose that option when selecting their pick-up location.

When the driver arrives, off they go with the bike in tow.

The cost is the same as a regular UberX trip, plus an extra €4 for the bike.

It’s all rather simple and straightforward. Still, cyclists represent a rather unclaimed territory for the transportation giant, so this test could find its way into other bicycle-heavy markets soon enough.

You can check out the full announcement here.

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