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Ecuador reiterates its support to Julian Assange

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility, Guillaume Long, spoke on June 19 with Julian Assange, the fourth anniversary of asylum in the Embassy of Ecuador in London.

Ecuadorian Foreign Minister recalled the situation in which Assange applied for asylum “fearing for his life, physical integrity, freedom. He felt he was facing persecution for the work that he exposed about terrible crimes, serious violations of Human rights “.

Long reiterated that Ecuador is committed to the protection and promotion of Human rights country. “At a time when other governments evade responsibility and refuse to accommodate people fleeing from political persecution or war, Ecuador adopts a principled foreign policy and effective”, he said.

“It has been four years since June 19, 2012. Today, as then, we defend our decision to grant asylum to Julian Assange because the conditions that forced him to make that order have not changed. Despite the many efforts done by Ecuador as negotiating in good faith to achieve a win-win solution for all parties, Sweden and the United Kingdom refused to undertake not to extradite Julian Assange to a third country, said “the head of the Ecuadorian diplomacy.

Recently, the United Nations determined that Julian Assange is detained arbitrarily. “He is confined in a small building, his health has deteriorated significantly. Sweden and the United Kingdom have appealed many times to other countries to meet similar decisions and resolutions of the United Nations on Arbitrary Detention. And yet, in this case both countries decide to ignore that decision”, said Long.

“The Government of Ecuador believes that a foreign policy based on principles raises fundamental changes. Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and many others have made a fundamental contribution. Beyond denounce and expose to the world public terrible crimes against humanity and other serious violations of Human rights, they opened a global important debate: how power imbalances affect how information is generated, distributed and controlled and how this has an impact on the lives of us all”.

After four years, Ecuador reiterates its commitment to protect Julian Assange, maintaining its consideration of asylum and, at the same time, devoting his efforts to end the arbitrary detention to which he has been subject to. “Four years is too long. It is time we put an end to this situation”, concluded the Foreign Minister.

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