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Tesla’s Making It Suck Less to Drive an EV in New York

THERE ARE LOTS of perks to owning an electric car. You don’t have to buy gas, you get big tax breaks, and you can look down on friends who go around polluting the environment. Oh, and you get piles of torque for thrilling acceleration.

But sometimes having an electric car sucks, like if you don’t live in a house with a garage where you can plug in every night. The difficulty of charging an EV in the city can discourage folks who could benefit the most from an electric car from seriously considering one.

Tesla wants to fix that, at least in New York.

To try to make owning an electric car—well, its electric car—more painless for city folk, the Silicon Valley startup is installing its High Power Wall Connector charging system, which provides 58 miles of charge per hour, in two dozen garages in Manhattan.

“We’re really tackling the most challenging city to own a vehicle in,” says Alexis Georgeson, a Tesla spokesperson. “Much less an electric vehicle.”

The system is part of Tesla’s Destination Charging service, a sort of Supercharger-light, where Elon Musk & Co. are partnering with hotels and other similar destinations to offer medium-speed charging infrastructure. It’ll be slower than Tesla’s Superchargers (340 miles per hour), which aren’t meant for frequent use anyway, but much faster than most Level 2 charging stations (about 30 miles per hour).

The Manhattan parking garages will pay to have the Tesla chargers installed and cover the resulting electricity bill, in exchange for the right to offer a service that can lure in well-heeled Model S owners.

The goal is to eliminate as much range anxiety as possible. Every time you take your Tesla out of the garage, it’ll be filled up. Rather than “gorging” on a full tank of fuel, like we do when we hit the gas station, Manhattan Tesla owners will “graze” on electricity, plugging in whenever they park, like we do with our smartphones.

New York is an especially fitting locale for this rollout, since many parking garages have attendants to pack cars into the limited real estate. Once a Tesla is all charged up, it doesn’t have to sit there and hog the charger. The attendant can move it elsewhere, and swap another into its place.

Tesla anticipates most users of the program to purchase a monthly parking spot at a garage, for either overnight or daytime parking.

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