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WikiLeaks Releases Over 270,000 documents related to Sony Corp.

There’s been another huge dump of documents on the whistleblower site WikiLeaks  a whopping 276,394 new documents have been posted about Japanese electronics and media giant Sony just months after a leak caused a massive shakeup at the corporation.

WikiLeaks announced via Twitter that it had more documents, stating, “Sony Files Part 2–276,394 more docs,” referring to a previous dump of 30,000 documents back in April, according to a Japan Today report.

The release caused outrage on the part of Sony, which called it a reckless dump of private information that should not have happened, but WikiLeaks justified it by saying that these documents are in the public’s interest, because Sony has deep ties to the White House and the Pentagon and can therefore alter the way laws and policies are drawn up.

Sony is still reeling from a cyberattack last fall that was blamed on North Koreans. Its entire network was brought down and a huge amount of emails between executives were released, revealing some incredibly embarrassing things that were said — such as racially tinged comments about Barack Obama and calling Angelina Jolie a “brat” — that led to the resignation of Amy Pascal, who was the chairperson of Sony Pictures at the time. It also led to the cancellation of the film “The Interview,” which depicted the assassination of Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea. Pyongyang has denied responsibility for the cyberattack, but the White House insists the reclusive government was beyond the attack.

WikiLeaks has been at the forefront of controversy over its nearly 10-year history since starting back in 2006 in Iceland. Julian Assange, the figurehead of the site, is no stranger to controversy himself and had to seek refuge in the Embassy of Ecuador in London back in 2012 to keep himself from being extradited to Sweden to face sex assault charges, which he says are false and are trumped up because he is an enemy of the state.
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