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eForensics: Let’s Play Forensic Tools

Since last July 18 is now available the new issue of the magazine eforensics. then a small part of the presentation:

Dear Reader,

We would like to present you our latest edition of eForensics Open series where our team tried to gather the most practical articles about Computer Forensics, Network Forensics and Data Recovery from the last three months. Imagine a life circumstances when you’ll need to find someone’s opinion or advice about the case you’re solving now. In 90% cases the best option will be the internet, but… Usually you spend a lot of time before you’ll find something “valuable” among the vast of “trash” and that’s why we’re here! To help you find information you need as quickly as possible.
The main aim of this issue is to show you how responsibly we treat you and remind you why did you choose our magazine to subscribe. Of course, with free account you have an access to all teasers, but we believe that it’s more pleasent to have a full issue to read.
For those who haven’t read our issues before we remind that all articles were prepared by experts in digital forensics industry and are based on their life experience.
So, let’s play forensic tools right now!
Please visit the official website: eforensicsmag.com
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