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A Digital Camera with Arduino

That’s right. Forget the pinhole camera – it is now possible to create your own digital camera using nothing but cardboard and a few electronic essentials.

Created by photographer Coralie Gourguechon, the Craft Camera consists of a simple cardboard body and Arduino guts. To power this little device you’ll need a Lithium Backpack and a Snootlab Memoire for your SD card. No idea what these things are? Well crafty hackers, now might be the time to do your homework.

We know – it looks pretty techie. But it’s actually pretty simple to create, as long as you follow the schematics and make sure to get yourself the right components.
Once you’ve got the guts of the camera all plugged in, it’s time to build the body. Simply print the template onto a sturdy piece of cardboard, cut with an Xacto knife, and glue! Seriously.

To make this crafty DIY camera yours, check out the official website for a list of components and contact the creators for detailed schematics and a printable template.

What do you think of the Craft Camera? Have you tried your hand at any Arduino hackery before? Talk to us in the comments below.
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