Another dangerous vulnerability has been discovered in Linux kernel that dates back to 2009 and affects a large number of Linux distros, including Red Hat, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE, and Ubuntu.

By default, many Android devices include a generic option for encryption tools, for example: whole disk, microSD, etc.

But, many manufactures, it does not...

There is an application that does not encrypt the entire disk, but it is useful for sending files, emails and more, for sure, and it is open source.

OpenKeyChain is the name, and is quite simple: only require the creation of the keys, it has a very simple interface. Enjoy!

Here’s a surprising fact: We don’t know what makes up 80 percent of the matter in the universe. I don’t mean that the matter is made of atoms, and we just don’t know which kind of atoms. What I mean is that four-fifths of the universe appears to be made of something that isn’t atoms at all, or more to the point, it’s not made from any of the fundamental particles that we know of.
The 2014 Yahoo hack disclosed late last year that compromised over 500 million Yahoo user accounts was believed to be carried out by a state-sponsored hacking group.

The Chromebook Pixel LS (2015) has an Intel Core i7 processor (Broadwell) at 2.4Ghz, 16Gb of RAM, a 2560x1700 400-nit IPS screen (239ppi), and Intel 802.11ac wireless. It has a Kingston 64Gib flash chip, of which about 54Gib can be used by OpenBSD when dual-booting with a 1Gb Chrome OS partition.
The major takeaway from the latest WikiLeaks dump centers around the terrifying, ‘all-seeing-eye’ surveillance project codenamed ‘Weeping Angel.’ The CIA appears to have taken espionage to a whole new level if WikiLeaks’ initial analysis is accurate.
While there’s plenty of noise about VR in the tech industry, it’s hard to get a handle on how it’s evolving and what it’ll spell for gamers in the years to come.

To learn more, I spoke to Frank Soqui, Intel’s GM for virtual reality gaming, about the future of VR and interactive entertainment at this year’s Intel Extreme Masters esports tournament in Katowice, Poland.