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New Intel Arc Pro A60 12GB 130W Single Width GPU Released

Intel has recently unveiled its latest GPU offering, the Intel Arc Pro A60, which is part of the new(-ish) Intel Arc Pro GPU series. This new GPU is specifically designed to cater to the professional market and for OEMs to integrate into workstation desktops.

Intel Arc Pro A60 GPU

The Intel Arc Pro A60 GPU is built on the Xe HPG architecture, which incorporates features like hardware-accelerated ray tracing, AI-driven super sampling, and variable rate shading. In terms of specs, the GPU has 12GB of onboard GDDR6 memory (ECC is not noted in the specs) in a 192-bit design for 384GB/s memory bandwidth.

The new GPU has 256 execution units, 16 Xe cores with 4 render slices, 16 ray tracing units and supports Intel XMX for AI inference.

Display outputs are four DisplayPort 2.0 ports.
The card also supports h.264, h.265, and AV1 encoding and decoding.

In terms of ISV certification, here is what Intel is listing:

  • Autodesk
  • Bentley
  • Dassault Systèmes
  • Nemetschek
  • PTC  (Certification Ready)
  • Siemens
It seems like this is probably not yet to the level of what we typically see on the NVIDIA and AMD Pro lines. Workstation vendors also focus on ISV certifications. Still, at least this is a program that Intel is working on with its Arc Pro cards.

Final Words
It is great to see Intel working in the professional graphics market. It seems to be focusing on the lower-cost solutions rather than focusing on the higher end of the market at this point. That probably makes sense. One of the big questions, especially if one is not looking for ISV certifications, is how much this will cost versus cards like the Intel Arc A750 and A770. The A750 uses more power and space, but has been on the market for $199-249 recently. For the OEM workstation market that is not really a key factor, but for those customizing workstations, they will look at the price of this versus the non-Pro parts just like folks do with NVIDIA cards.

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