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This company will make your Mini an EV for £25k

Other classic Mini electromods too expensive? London Electric Cars is here to help

Remember the Swind E Classic Mini? Yeah, the £79,000 conversion that packed Issigonis’s city car with an 80kW electric motor and enough batteries for 125 miles of range.

Well, London Electric Cars doesn’t reckon you need that much range in your old Mini, so its new attempt at the same game starts from £25,000 and gets a 20kWh battery pack providing between 60 and 70 miles of real world range. That puts it in the same ballpark as BMW’s marketing creation from back in 2018.

Okay, okay, the £25,000 is EXCLUDING taxes, shipping and the donor Mini, but LEC is selling it as a conversion that ‘doesn’t cost the earth’.

You’ll be able to pay more for more range and faster charging, but the base spec conversion uses a ‘pre-owned’ Nissan Leaf motor and batteries. LEC reckons the average London journey is only five miles too, so 60 will do you for a whole week. Unless you want to step foot outside of the M25, that is…

Still, your classic Mini will be tax, Congestion Charge and ULEZ exempt, and if you don’t fancy that you can also have a Land Rover, a Morris Minor or a Morris Traveller.

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