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Fedora Cloud 35 Approved To Use Btrfs By Default

Last month plans were published for Fedora Cloud 35 to use the Btrfs file-system by default, similar to Fedora Workstation using Btrfs by default for several releases. That plan has now been signed off on by FESCo allowing for this change to happen.

Fedora developers along with engineers from Amazon, Facebook, and elsewhere have been for this move to use Btrfs by default with Fedora Cloud. Among the Btrfs features of interest to the Fedora Cloud folks are transparent file-system compression, copy-on-write (CoW) features, reflinks and snapshots, greater data integrity, online shrink and grow, and the other attributes usually trumpeted when talking about Btrfs.

All the technical details on their plans for using Btrfs by default with Fedora Cloud are laid out on this Wiki page.

On Tuesday the Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCo) signed off on this feature work, thereby allowing it to proceed and happen for the release this autumn assuming the developers don't run into any technical obstacles that block the feature from being realized in time.

via phoronix

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